Grogreen Soluble Fertilizer - Gromix ME

  • Grogreen Soluble Fertilizer - Gromix ME
GROMIX ME: Micro Nutrients / Trace Elements


Grogreen water soluble fertilisers are Belgium high quality assurance products for foliar application. This fertiliser can be used in drip irrigation and folair application. The GROGREEN NPK formulations cover a wide range of nutrient ratios. All formulations are balanced, with a high nitrate nitrogen content, are chlorine free and are instantly soluble.

Features and Benefits of Grogreen Water Soluble Fertiliser:

  • 100% readily dissolves even in cold water

  • Chelated to easily penetrates into plant leaves for absorption.

  • All elements were high in quality and purity, fully absorbed without losses, thus only small amount required, uses less frequently compared to competitors.

  • Each spoon of powder contains evenly distributed nutrients formula.

  • Contains all trace elements required by plant and trees.

  • Applicable on soil.

Grogreen Gromix ME: Microelements / Trace Elements

Best for application at all times. Uses less frequently via foliar application. Contains secondary fertilizer and TE.

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