Grogreen Gel Fertilizer - Calciphos

  • Grogreen Gel Fertilizer - Calciphos
GL CALCIPHOS: 9 - 64 - 0 + 11 CaO + Mg + Zn + B
COLOR CODE: Milky Yellow


Grogreen GL Fertilizer is the world first and only Gel type or Jelly-like fertilizer manufactured in Belgium. It is a high concentrated foliar fertilizer, comes in various formula for different crop stages.

Features and Benefits of Grogreen Water Soluble Fertiliser:

  • Highly concentrated Gel, comes in even better formula.

  • 100% readily dissolves even in cold water

  • Contains stickers to prevent nutrients from washing away.

  • Nutrients are chelated to easily penetrates into plant leaves wax and release nutrients in cells for absorption.

  • All elements were high in quality and purity, fully absorbed without losses, thus only small amount required, uses less frequently compared to competitors.

  • Each scoop of Gel contains evenly distributed nutrients formula.

  • Contains all trace elements required by plant and trees.

Grogreen GL Calciphos: 9 - 64 - 0 + 11 CaO + Mg + Zn + B

Best for application in early growth stage and flowering stages. Enhances better rooting systems, stronger healthier plants, higher more yield of fruits and better quality of crops.

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