Italpollina - Nutrimyr Thiols

  • Italpollina - Nutrimyr Thiols


NUTRIMYR THIOLS is a fertilizer with nitrogen, magnesium, sulphur and vegetal amino acids specially developed for applications on vineyards.

Features and Benefits of Nutrimyr Thiols:

  • Nitrogen promotes alcoholic fermentation and enhances the fruity aromas of musts. The high content of amino acids improves the plant physiological state and increases its resistance to summer high temperatures and dryness.
  • Sulphur has a synergistic effect on the synthesis of aromatic precursor, the thiols in white and rosé wines.
  • Magnesium improves photosynthesis (sugar production) and stimulates a lot of enzymatic processes of the plant.
  • The nutritional effectiveness of NUTRIMYR THIOLS is increased by the presence of HUMO-3G, exclusive molecule developed by the Italpollina Research Centre .


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