Italpollina - Phosphit One

  • Italpollina - Phosphit One


PHOSPHIT-ONE is a liquid fertilizer developed to improve the nutritional status of plants providing Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P) and Potassium (K). It activates the natural, physical and biochemical mechanisms of defence and resistance to climatic and pathogenic adversities. 

Features and Benefits of PHOSPHIT-ONE:

  • ​Promotes particularly the formation of the phytoalexins, the thickening of the cells walls and the lignification; these processes are an effective physical barrier against the penetration of the pathogens.
  • Increased resistance to disease thanks to its nutritional action, stimulates the self-defences of the plant through the synthesis and translocation of phytoalexins. Plants produce phytoalexins to increase their resistance to pathogens. It can reduce the losses due to fungus attacks (eg. Phytophtora spp., Downy Mildew destructor, vine Plasmopara, Bremia spp. etc.).
  • It provides high nutritional activity at blossom and fruit ripening.
  • It increases the gems fertility.
  • It helps to balance possible nitrogen excesses in plants.
  • It preserves the useful insect and its application is efficacious in the integrated agriculture.
  • High intake of P2O5 and K2O.