Reborn Ferti (Granule)

  • Reborn Ferti (Granule)
  • Reborn Ferti (Granule)
REBORN FERTI GRANULE: Soil Fertilizer..............(√)
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AG Reborn Ferti is a plant strengthener fertiliser that contains large amount of high quality SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide), improves both soil and plant trees. This can help prolong health of living plants and trees, yielding more crops during fruiting stages.

Features and Benefits of Reborn Ferti:

  • 25% of SiO2 that strengthens plant stems, enhances protection against strong wind and heavy fruits or crops.
  • Improves and thickens cell wall structure to provide great protection on plant trees, and better plant photosynthesis performances.
  • Enhances higher fruit and crop quality.
  • Neutralises and corrects acidic soil pH for better nutrient absorbtion from plant that were contaminated with heavy metal.
  • Reinforce plant defense system, greatly reduces fungal and bacterial attacks, pests and fruit flies, without uses of insecticides.
  • Reborn ferti Granules contains 40% Calcium, that was required for healthier plants trees, fruits and crop formation.